Our UAV platform collects hundreds of high definition images that are combined together to make a large composite map of the target area.

Think google/bing maps, but at a resolution level that lets you zoom in to see a coin on the ground.

We use advanced intervelometer triggers, custom camera software, and pin point accurate GPS data to triangulate each image’s position. These images are then post-processed with industry standard software to generate highly accurate georeferenced maps. 

When you couple our maps with our free open source mapping software you have an effective mapping platform. Our mapping software is based on QGIS, which is heavily supported and an industry standard GIS / geospacial platform.

Use Cases:

Organizing people and resources on the work site

Planning in construction or land development

Managing ranches, farms, reserves, or extraction sites

Listing and managing real estate or properties

Inspecting infrastructure such as roads, railways, storm drainage, or solar installations

Terrain Mapping & 3D Modeling:

Our post processing techniques allow us to generate 3D models of areas and objects on a large scale. We deliver quality meshes and textures for use in your project. Our modeling data can be post processed against RTK GPS positioning to give amazing accuracy.

Use Cases:

Virtual reality or augmented reality applications

Erosion management for coastlines or water ways

Terrain / elevation studies

RTK GPS Positioning:

VTA DRONES uses a real time kinetic GPS system to achieve millimeter accurate positions of the images we collect in flight. Through the use of triangulation between three points UAV, GCS, and NTRIP correction data we can achieve virtually survey grade accuracy on our maps (95% accurate). This method provides the highest level of accuracy for aerial mapping that is currently possible.



VTA DRONES’ worksite mapping is an excellent way to manage projects in construction. Our maps consist of 100’s of still images aggregated together into a composite. Much like google satellite maps, but with much greater clarity & resolution. You can zoom in right to ground level to see every detail.

Using our maps you can manage people and resources and give your team situational awareness that will keep your project moving forward smoothly. Our maps are also an excellent way to visually keep your customer / end user up to date on the progress of the project.

Overlay your blueprints and plans on top of our aerial maps to give you unparalleled understanding of the worksite. Make annotations, mark points and regions of importance & then export in PDF form for easy distribution to every member of the team. As things change you can quickly adjust your maps on the fly to keep up with the challenges of an active worksite.



VTA DRONES’ digital as built mapping service is a cost effective way to record and preserve utility locating information. After your utility locator has finished marking out the utilities VTA DRONES uses industry standard mapping processes and standards to produce high resolution maps of the worksite or property.

After the maps showing all locating marks are generated, VTA DRONES applies overlays with color coded lines and symbols, making identification of utility lines easy at a glance.

The maps can be imported into any GIS software system in the form of raster & vector data. Or use our preferred mapping software QGIS which is a feature rich & free open source GIS platform.

When you choose our “As Built” mapping service we generate a series of PDF maps files for convenient method of sharing the data with contractors or subs.

If you are looking for a turn key solution, VTA DRONES has partnered with Spearhead Locating to provide utility locating services for our as built maps. Spearhead is a trusted partner chosen for their thoroughness and reliability in utility locating.


VTA DRONES’ mapping services is perfect for environmental studies such as recovery from natural disasters, monitor changing run off patterns, or documenting effects of weather and seasons on vegetation and wildlife.

The resolution of our maps is only limited by the highest obstacle in the target area.  Maps generated from flights at 130ft can achieve a pixel resolution of .6 inches. This resolution level provides a very high quality of detail. Maps generated at higher altitudes allow for more acres to be covered for a expansive overview of an area. About 2 hours of flights at 500ft captures around 200 aces.

Our maps give you full situational awareness that is current to the state of the environment. Combine many maps to see changes over time and / or over a wide area.

Combine data collected in the field with our maps to create an actionable resource for your team and project.


VTA DRONES’ generates stunning satellite maps using LandSat imagery. We post process the raw color band layers that are provided by USGS into visual spectrum map segments. Then the segments are stitched together by hand and color match to achieve an amazing view of the earths surface. LandSat has a resolution of 10m. New imagery is available every few days. This can be coupled with older satellite data sets at higher resolutions (up to 3ft). The end result is a map with much greater detail then commonly used satellite maps. You can use these maps as reference layers or base maps.