At VTA DRONES we have developed a rugged platform that can stand up to the harshest conditions.

We design / fabricate our UAV platforms in house.

CAD software & CNC machines are used to make our UAV frames and parts.

Board level integration is done by hand with extensive testing throughout the process.

Special attention is paid to the weather proofing and hardening.



Research & Development


UAV design/fabrication

Wireless systems

Rugged ground stations

Imaging systems

Mobile computing


Logging solutions


Our platforms and sub components are rigorously documented through the build process.

Our software is also well documented for both end user and admin levels.


We have a custom logs for flights, battery usage, and maintenance optimized for our platform. Our logs are built with Open Data Kit, a free open source software.

The logs include safety checklists, flight locations, charge levels, equipment profiles, etc.